Such a glamorous way to apply cold pressure

Attack of the Zombie Ants #IBOT

It was supposed to be a nice family day at the beach. The weather was warm (I dressed like it was Darwin!), and there was a crazy hot wind blowing, which in these parts is pretty much considered the worst thing ever, but would apparently make one particular beach great…


Chronicles of an Over-Sharer

There’s a reasonable amount of over sharing that comes with a blog. The fact that you have one in the first place suggests that you’re not the type of person to hide the inner workings of your private world. And for lots of people who consider themselves writers, they kind of…

Google mmm and you get porn or cookie monster.
Go figure.

Playing Favourites. Twitter, Facebook and Saying Mmm #IBOT

Sometimes, here on Essentially Jess, I like to write deep and meaningful posts that will hopefully inspire people to a higher level of greatness in their lives. I probably fail dismally at it, and I’m being about 75% facetious in writing that, but at least I have a goal. This,…

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I Love Flat Packs

Yes it’s true. I am one of those weird people, who just loves flat pack furniture. And not just because it means I actually have new furniture, but also because I actually enjoy putting it together. Yes, I’m weird like that. Anyway, a few weeks ago we headed to Adelaide…


It’s All About The Wave #IBOT

Back when I was a little girl, we used to drive to Adelaide every other year to see my step-dad’s family for Christmas. I distinctly remember one day, looking up from my book in the backseat to see him waving at an oncoming car. “Why are you waving?” I asked….


Stealth Blogging and Driving in the Wrong Lane

Shhh… Don’t tell anyone, but I really shouldn’t be blogging. I’ve got a hundred and one other things to do (including finishing catching up on IBOT), but lots of people said they wanted to hear how we are going in our new house, and really, who am I to not…


Mad About Bridget 2. The Across Australia Edition #IBOT

Sunday 23rd February, 2014 Boxes packed 3521 (feels like), walls scrubbed double the amount of boxes packed. (Rounded up.) Am completely and utterly exhausted and feel as if the very act of eating will require too much work, but have successfully cleaned and packed the entire house in ten days….


Famous Last Words #IBOT

You know how sometimes, in life, you say something, and you honestly, really, truly mean it, and then it happens, and you wonder what the hell you were thinking? Or you write something down, and again, you one hundred percent stand by what you say, and you believe every single…


Which Peppa Pig Character Are You? #IBOT

Hi ho, and welcome to another fabulous Tuesday. The day where everyone, who is anyone, blogs their little hearts out and links it to IBOT. I personally, love IBOT, (clearly), though I will admit that some days, it gets a little hard. It’s not easy you know, running a link…


Mad About Bridget #IBOT

Monday January 20th 2014 65.2kg, Brilliant ideas 1, Startling revelations also 1 10:02pm Have decided that lying in bed at night not sleeping is a completely ridiculous use of my time. Will download Bridget Jones: Mad about the boy and read that instead, because I am quite fond of Bridget…